Affect or get Affected..!

Affect or get Affected..! Once Buddha and his disciples (monks) during their travel stopped in a village just before the monsoon. During the travel, it became necessary for Buddha and his disciples to take food and shelter from others. Sometimes they may get a collective shelter where Buddha and all his disciples can stay together or sometimes they may have to take separate shelters as the number of Buddha and his...

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You see in others who you are inside

You see in others who you are inside   Confused?   Let’s try to understand it with a story.   Once there was a wise man in a village. He was respected and treated well by everyone in the village.   Once there was a gathering in the village for some festival celebration.   The wise man thought of teaching a lesson to some of his fellow followers in the village.  So he called two men. One was a good...

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Your 4 wives/husbands

Your 4 wives/husbands   Yes, this is true. You certainly have 4 wives/husbands. Don’t believe me yet? continue reading further and you will believe me. Let me tell you a story to make you aware of your 4 wives/husbands. There was a very rich entrepreneur who had 4 wives. His fourth wife was very close to him. He used to fulfill all her wishes and desires. He used to give her all the clothes and accessories she...

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How to deal with boredom?

How to deal with boredom?   Boredom is a state of being or feeling bored. And feeling bored or being bored is feeling unhappy because something is not interesting or because you have nothing to do. It is a very big excuse for today’s generation to set apart from a work or activity. But at the same time, it is a crucial problem for many people around the world as they feel bored at everything.   Why do we feel...

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