Life changing questions

Life changing questions   Life is precious and we are really very fortunate to have this wonderful life. But for many people, if given a choice, they will like to change the lifestyle they are currently following or having. Only a few people...

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How rich you are?

How rich you are? Being rich is everyone’s dream. Many interpret richness in a financial manner and thus try to accommodate money and wealth. People think being rich is the key to happiness and satisfaction, which is not at all true. Here is a...

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How to be Detached?

How to be Detached?   We live in the world of attachments today. Where everyone is attached to someone or something and cannot imagine life without that thing or person. Attachment is “affection, fondness, or sympathy for someone or...

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Never Settle

Never settle…!!

Never settle…!!   While you learn to walk you stumble many times right? You fall, you get rashes and wounds but at last, you start walking. Same happens when you learn to ride a bicycle, bike and many such things or skills. Why...

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Be a candle..!

Be a candle..!   What does this really mean? Or what it is to be a candle? To know what being a candle is, please read our earlier blog post Life is a journey from Ice Cream to Candle. We duly recommend you to have a look at it once. Now we...

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