mental health

Mental health

Health. Whenever you hear, read or write this word the things that come to your mind are the gym, yoga, jogging, etc, etc. All related to physical health. No one and I mean it no one of you must be thinking of your mind or your emotions whenever you come across the word HEALTH. Because we do not think that our mind needs care, it needs nourishing or it needs exercise. We ignore to accept that it too can have...

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happy people


Laughing out loud, rolf, hahaha, hehe, smiling, jumping out of joy, etc, etc…. These are the normal expressions of happiness that we know. But does this mean that the person expressing these gestures is really happy? Sometimes yes but SOMETIMES NO. Sometimes people just pretend to be happy while they are not happy at all. Also, are these the only ways or expressions through which happiness can be...

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The one good thing that coronavirus taught me

Coronavirus or COVID-19, the first pandemic disease ever experienced by the 21st-century generation. It is the worst situation ever faced by any of us and has already cost us millions of lives and no one knows how much more will it cost us. The whole world is mentally and emotionally exhausted by this pandemic disease. It has raised huge questions on our resources, planning, and readiness. While the world was...

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7 habits to cultivate during the lockdown

The world is terrified with coronavirus/COVID-19 disease and there is nothing enough we can do to condemn it. We at national and world levels have already heard a lot many things and are to some extent feed up now with the daily intake of negativity and sorrow. While it is a fact that the world is facing a hazardous situation but it is also true that there is always some good even in the worst situation.Then there is...

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