pause in everyday life

Pause in everyday life

We live a life of continuous run, without any pause. We run for work, we run from work, we are always in a hurry and we are always occupied with something. We don’t give time to heal or to rest or take a pause and relax for a while and this exhausts our mind and body. We are humans and not machines and we need some break, some pause from the everyday run if we want to keep our health in a good state. And...

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7 food to maintain good mental health

Mental health, the health for well being of our mind which we mostly rather always ignore. We have already discussed briefly what is mental health or why is it important for us, in our other post “Menta health” about this. Here we are going to focus on some actions or habits that we need to perform that will serve as good food for our mental health. And we all know one of the best ways to take care of our...

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