mental health

Mental health

Health. Whenever you hear, read or write this word the things that come to your mind are the gym, yoga, jogging, etc, etc. All related to physical health. No one and I mean it no one of you must be thinking of your mind or your emotions...

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happy people


Laughing out loud, rolf, hahaha, hehe, smiling, jumping out of joy, etc, etc…. These are the normal expressions of happiness that we know. But does this mean that the person expressing these gestures is really happy? Sometimes yes but...

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Know your worth

What is your worth? Are you worth achieving something or nothing? Have you ever thought of what are your abilities, capabilities, and strengths? And if yes, have you ever questioned yourself if you are at the right place based on your own...

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power of association

The power of association

Association is the connection or the togetherness of two or more things. We have been taught since childhood that we should be in good company if we want to prosper in life. Our parents tried to impress the importance of association in our...

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7 wonders of life

Life itself is a wonder and it is the most precious gift that each and every one of us has received. But there are certain things, relations and people in our life without which this wonderful life is incomplete. I will try to put forth 7 wonders...

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The power of one minute

The power of one minute Do you like taking breaks? Are you one of those who likes to set apart from daily routine every now and then? Whenever you work continuously and suddenly you take a break of 5-10 minutes, it feels so relaxing...

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