distance away


Wait! What? What kind of post is this that says to stop living? Strange, confusing and negative right? Well not. I guarantee by the end of the post you too will agree with me. So let’s start the post… Do you think...

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The GOOD Pain

The GOOD Pain   You must be thinking how can pain be good right? Well, I guarantee you that after you finish reading this post, you too will certainly feel that the pain we are talking about is really good and how it is beneficial for you. What...

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Only Two real Directions

Only Two real Directions   As per wiki, a direction is “a course along which someone or something moves.“ From childhood, we have been taught that there are four major directions, viz., North, South, East, and West. Whenever someone...

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The focus is not the answer

The focus is not the answer   Distraction is an evergreen obstacle for us. What you do when you get distracted from your work or study or whatever you want to do? Different people have different ways and strategies to deal with distraction but...

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