8 step guide to achieve your GOALS

By Silent Motivations (www.silentmotivations.com)

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Do you have problems choosing a goal? Do you have too many? Or you don’t have any goals at all? Do you have a goal but don’t know how to achieve it? Then this post is for you!


As easy as it is to set a goal it is multiple times harder to achieve it.

“Desire is the first step of goal achievement and the foundation.”

Intensify DESIRE

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Step 1 -

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By creating intense desire you can realize the impossible dream.

Develop BELIEF

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Step 2 -

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If you are willing to accept that you can be successful, that you'll enjoy being successful, and if you are willing to establish and work on an exhilarating, enjoyable, and rewarding path to your goals, then we're confident you'll achieve those goals.

Step 3 -

Define your OBJECTIVE

Don't be confused. Setting clear and defined objectives is very important.

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In starting a goal-setting routine, we recommend you set Objectives in one or two areas to begin. As you start realizing small successes, you'll probably add more Objectives as you will want to be successful in all areas of your life.

Make your Objectives as large as you can realistically realize. 

Remember, don't hold back:

Step 4 -

WRITE it down!

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Write your goal out in complete detail.

Write it down or kiss it goodbye.

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