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In life, our direction is channelized by the day-to-day habits that we possess. We should have our own set of rules and disciplines that we follow in order to walk on the path that we intend to. Some call these ethics; some call these values. Whatsoever you call it but it helps you to live a better and more meaningful life.

Let's see 4 important laws of growth that each and every one of us should follow if we want to move ahead in life.

Speak less.

Law of Growth #1:

Speak less about what we want to do, speak less about what we are planning to do, and speak less about how big our dreams are. We should let only and only our actions and the results speak for us.

How can one be great, if they are talking more than they are doing?

Talk less. Do more. Let your results speak for you.

Law of Growth #2:

Listen more.

You cannot learn if you do not LISTEN. You cannot GROW if you do not learn.

Learn to listen more. Learn to understand more. Learn to listen more attentively. You should be a student of life. You should have a curiosity of a child. The kind of curiosity that makes you stay present in each and every moment as it is.

Take in advice from the best teachers and learn from the failures of others.

Pay attention. Listen more. Understand more. To be more.

Law of Growth #3:

React Less.

The less you react the better you can respond.

Don’t jump to conclusions and let your emotions take over you.

“Learn to discipline your emotions, because if you don’t, your enemies will use them against you…”

Law of Growth #4:

Observe More.

Finally, the principle to make use of these 4 laws of GROWTH that one must add to the recipe is:


“Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.”

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