Life is a journey

Life is a journey from ice cream to candle

Life is a journey from ice cream to candle: Way to extremely satisfied life

We get one life to live. Many people try to just exist while some try to be alive. There is no definite way of living a life as for each and every individual life is different, with different challenges and with different pleasures.

But everyone tries to live a life which is more meaningful and has more worth. One, that they will be satisfied and proud of living. Here we will try to propose yet another way of living life with a simple example.

One can live a life of an ice-cream or life of a candle.

What is life like an Ice Cream?

ice cream

The answer is people who live life like ice-cream can be considered selfish. They tend to live the life to its fullest, enjoy and have fun before they die. Their only purpose in life is to enjoy it. These people want to be cold as ice-cream and enjoy life.

They don’t bother with other’s problems, shortcomings, and difficulties. They want to enjoy life before it melts (ends). These people are more thoughtful about their own benefits and happiness even at the cost of others.

What is life like a Candle?



A candle also melts like ice-cream but the difference it creates is it provides light while melting. It is a ray of light in the darkness. Life like a candle is giving light to others while life is getting consumed or melting. In other words, helping others to overcome their shortcomings, difficulties, and problems while living your life. The life lived this way is a purposeful and meaningful life.

So why life is a journey from ice-cream to candle?

We all cannot be a candle and being only an ice-cream is not good. The reason for all of us not being candle can be many as some can be financially incapable, some physically but to your surprise to be kind and helpful to other it only requires a healthy mind. But you cannot always give light to others while dealing with all your roles and responsibilities as many times you have to be selfish and self-oriented.

But at least you can give light to other sometimes or as and when possible. So thus trying to maintain a balance between being ice-cream and candle.

Being a candle means to support others with your knowledge, to help others as needed and being kind, understandable and encouraging to others. Being different from others while others trying to be ice-cream and you trying to be a candle in someone else’s life or your own life.

So, life is a journey from being ice-cream to candle for other.

And the life lived this way in trying to become a candle for other or for some cases becoming a candle for others is a life of greater worth and meaning. This sort of life provided greater satisfaction and meaning of you being alive. Also, while you try to enlighten the lives of others in return you will observe that your life too gets good and happening. The consequences that are created by giving light to others are very positive and thus good happens to you too.

As well said,

I believe in Karma. If the good is sown, the good is collected. When positive things are made, that returns well.

Thus, try being a candle for other in this world of ice-cream and maybe seeing you enlighten other life, some ice-creams too start turning into a candle.


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