The most elastic thing in the human world: Time

The most elastic thing in the human world: Time


Never thought of time in this way? Hopefully, after reading this post you will have a new view towards time.

What is time?

Time is defined in the wiki as “Time is the indefinite continued progress of existence and events that occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future.

Time is something that we use to measure our life and its events. We use the time to plot our events. Time is passing by, stationary, illusion, concept and everything and nothing.

Time is what gets deposited in our life every day and also gets credited every day. It is a flow of events. It is both measurable and unmeasurable.

Time is the most important thing that human can ever have and still it is the most uncertain thing because no one knows when the time they have will get over.

Time is yours but still, you don’t own it. Time is ever passing and it never stops.




We think the time to be a central or a single thing or entity, but time is also a personal or individual thing that every individual manages, makes use or waste of as per his/her own will. This is the beauty of time simple but yet too complex.

Now the above statements have clearly provided that time is the most important thing in our life, but it is certain that we have no control over it.

But what if there is a way to stretch it?

Seems unreal right?

Let us help you understand this.

How time is elastic?

Elasticity means “the ability of an object or material to resume its normal shape after being stretched or compressed; stretchiness.

Where time seems to be fixed, how can it be elastic?

When you want the time to run fast as you have to go for a date at night or the next day, time seems to run down slow, isn’t it?

When you are in deep thought or working on something with full concentration, time seems to pass by very fast and you suddenly notice that you were working or thinking for hours but you felt nothing.




When you are happy time seems like grains of sand that flow out of your hand very swiftly and on the other hand, when you are sad or hurt, time seems to be an eternity and stopped.

This is how time is elastic. It is manageable and stretchable.

Time’s elasticity is directly connected to your emotions and approach.

When you try to observe it pass by it seems an eternity and when you focus on other stuff, time seems to be swift.

Thus the way to have control over time or to manage time or to stretch and compress time is to have control over your emotions.

Everyone gets same 24 hours to live or to be alive every day, but some make the most out of it and use these 24 hours in the best possible manner for themselves. And while some just don’t focus on time and find the time to run away swiftly and they never notice when the day started and the day ended.




Master your emotions, gain control over your own mind and thoughts, try to see things as they are and you will find yourself living each moment to its fullest.

Living moment to its fullest doesn’t mean only to enjoy or to be happy, it means to be stable, it means to be aware of your emotions and time.

The more time you will spend in being happy, time will run away swiftly and you won’t even notice that you are over with time.

Also, the more time you feel the hurt or pain, you will see time stretching and doing you more pain.

But if you are stable, feel happiness or pain and leave it with that moment or time of its occurrence and move forward you will be able to experience more emotions and things in life.


Phases of life


Just imagine the duration of life that you will have if you live life in this manner. You will live a life of 2-3 person in a single life if you live every moment of life as stated above.

Master this skill and you will be capable of doing things that are beyond scope of many. You will make the most out of the time that you have got in your life.

And this will end you up with a more satisfied and meaning full life than just being troubled between happiness and pain.

Time is elastic in nature that stretches and compresses as per our emotion, as per our state of mind and as per our approach towards it.

Make use of the elasticity of time and become master of the skill to feel and live in every moment in time and thus you will have the ability to do many miraculous things in way and time that very few are capable of.

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  • I would add that fundamentally, the experienced progression of time is also a function of how much you pay attention to time, and to the duration of events. We all know that you forget about time when you are in flow, because you become so immersed in the activity that you don’t even think about how long it is taking. The opposite, checking the time more often as you are waiting, makes time seem to go slower simply because you are paying more attention to it. You are COGNIZANT of time, and so, if you dedicade more cognition to it, you are more cognizant of it, and more cognition of time means a “slower experienced time”.

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