Find an excuse for an excuse

Find an excuse for an excuse

Do you always give excuses for not doing any work?

Do you always try to find an excuses for not giving your best?

Are you very good at giving excuses?

Or you have someone close to you who have this habit and you want them to understand that this habit is not good and can destroy them if not corrected?

Then this blog post is for you.

What if I tell you that this habit of finding excuses is very good and it will be very beneficial if this habit is executed in one extra loop or one step forward.

Yes, this habit of giving an excuse for not doing work or not showing interest in anything can be turned into a boon when you go one step forward.


You must have heard a lot of bad things from your elders for having this habit and that it will destroy you one day. They are absolutely right in a way but mentioning it to you is not going to solve the problem.

Rather you will develop resistance against their thoughts and continue to find an excuse in the same way and the situation gets worse for you.

So how can this be tackled? How could they have helped you or preached you to make this habit become a boon for you?

First of all, understand that the person having this habit or giving excuses for everything is not even aware of this and its side effects or bad outcomes. And you or someone else trying to make them aware of this in a brutal and forceful way will only create resistance and nothing else.

What if I tell you that there is a way in which this habit can be turned into a good habit and may cause miracles?

Yes, this is true and in this blog post, I will explain you the same.

You can turn this habit of giving excuses into a boon by just giving excuses for an excuse.



Let me explain you with an example:

Consider that someone has asked you to pay his/her bills and if they are not paid that person will have to pay fine to the billing authority.


You do not pay the bill and the person has to pay the fine later. When he/she asks you the reason for not paying the bill, you try to give him/her excuses for not doing the work and try to come out of the awkward situation.

But if you would have tried to find an excuse for an excuse then the situation would have been different.

Means, when the person asked you to pay his/her bills, you must have immediately started thinking to find an excuse for not doing his/her work. But instead, if you would have thought to find an excuse for this excuse of not doing the work then the situation would have been in your favor.

If you would have thought that the person who asked you to pay the bills has trusted you and also will have to pay fine if the bills are not paid then most probably you would have paid the bills.

This would have worked as an excuse for the excuse that you were trying to think of for not paying his/her bills.

Another example could be that many times we are asked to do exercise and keep our body fit and healthy.

Which we rarely do or many times give excuses for not taking care of our body. But instead, if you give an excuse for not giving an excuse for your health and body then you will start taking caring of your health.


Like, if your excuse for not doing exercise and taking care of your health is that you don’t have time then you can find an excuse for this as if now you don’t have time for exercising and taking care of your body then in future you may have time but no body or fitness to make use of that time.

It is just executing your habit in one more loop or one more step and the results will be in your favor.

You will turn your bad habit into a habit that others will wish to have.

This is just like two negatives making a positive.

Hope this post will be helpful for you and soon you will find an excuse for an excuse.

Do comment below and share your excuses and the excuses that you found for them and how it went for you.

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