The most used 4 letter word

The most used 4 letter word

The fourth word in the list of 10 golden words is the most used four letter word – LOVE.

We as a human being we always want to feel love and affection. We always want to love someone and to be loved by someone.

We starve for love and we do whatsoever in our control to feel loved.

When we do not get love from the people, we try to feel the love from another living being like animals and when we can’t even feel the love from them, we start loving materialistic things.

People in this world love us for what they expect us to be and not for who we are.

When we fall short to their exceptions even once, they change their thoughts and emotions about us and then they say such heartbreaking words that the wound caused by it cannot be healed for ages.

People like us only when we meet up their expectations.

But love should be selfless, without any expectation and self-fish desires from it.

People who get love are not power fetchers and do not chase things.

“Things are meant to be used and people are meant to be loved”

But in today’s world, we love things and use people to get those things.

What to do with this most used four letter word “LOVE”?

Value it.

Yes, we should value it as it is priceless.

We saw many people that we love them and likewise we hear from many people that they love us but we rarely value it.

It is hard to find love in this world but still if we find love or get love from our parents, friends, our life partner or children or any other person, we take it for granted.

We believe that everyone gets love and thus being loved is just a normal or not so great deal.

But when we fall short of love we feel the drought of love that we have within us.

Value the people who love you.

And don’t just feel love, give love too.

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If it is difficult to find love or feel the love from others, love others to your fullest.

Don’t keep grudges in your heart for anyone or for any action that someone may have committed.

Because you are not aware when your time with them will get over when they will go away from your life and you won’t get any chance to clarify your grudges and ill feeling about them.

You will carry these feelings for the rest of your life.

You have only one heart and only one thing can reside in it, either love or grudges for others.

So decide today what you want to keep in your own heart and start acting on it from today.

Forgive people, try to understand them and you will find peace within yourself.

Many times people have no intent to hurt you or cause some loss to you but due to various circumstances of life, things just happen as they have taken place and you have no control over it.

But you have control over your will to whether have love and forgive them or have infinite negative emotions and keep the rage in your heart.

Based on your choice, if you have love in your heart you will be peaceful and experience only love.

But if you have rage in your heart, no love can cool the rage of your heart and you will end up being frustrated, dissatisfied and depressed.

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