Miracle Morning

The MIRACLE Morning: The 6 Habits that Will Transform Your Life

The MIRACLE Morning: The 6 Habits that Will Transform Your Life

This post is inspired and derived from one of the best motivational and time management books names “The Miracle Morning” (Buy from here: US India) written by Hal Elrod.

Hal Elrod the author of the book was a very successful salesman at the age of 20. He had a family and his life was perfect.

But one day he got into an accident. A drunk man hit Hal’s car. Hal was in a coma for 6 days and then he became conscious.


When he came to his consciousness, doctors told him that his brain has got damaged in the accident and due to this, he cannot walk for the rest of his life.

After knowing this he was shocked and depressed. But one of his mentors told him once that it is OK to feel sad and depressed for a negative situation that is out of your control but only for 5 minutes.

As an intelligent person, you should not feel sad and showcase sorrow for something that cannot be changed and waste your time and energy on the same. Rather you should try to find positive outcomes and move on.

Hal remembered this and he felt all his mental pain but only for five minutes. Then he thought that there are only two possible outcomes for this situation. Either as per doctor’s statement, he will never be able to walk again; if this is true then he will try to become the world’s happiest person on a wheelchair. Or he will prove the doctor wrong and walk again.

Thinking this and becoming clear in his thoughts, he was not sad and depressed anymore and started joking and being happy. Seeing this the doctor felt that Hal has lost his senses due to the shock.

Because of this positive attitude and rightful thinking, he started recovering very fast. Even doctors were shocked to see him recover so fast. And the result was that within 3 weeks he proved doctors wrong and started walking again.


Hal returned to his normal life. He started a new business, got married, and built wealth. But due to the economic crash of 2007-08, his business got destroyed and he became bankrupt. As per Hal, this was the worst phase of his life as he was getting poorer and poorer day by day.

Hal’s wife suggested him to go and see his friend who was still doing well in this economic crisis. Hal went to his friend and explain his whole situation.

Hal’s friend suggested him to do only two things:
1) Wake up early in the morning and do exercise.
2) And after doing exercise read self-improvement books.

Hal didn’t like his friend’s advice at all. He came back home.

He once heard that morning is one of the most important parts of a day and a good morning routine has a great impact on your whole day.

“If you win the morning, you will win the whole day”

Also, Hal had nothing else to do so he decided to give his friend’s suggestion a try. Along with this he started searching about the morning habits of the successful people and tried to find out the most common and impacting morning habits.

He then followed them and the results were miraculous.

Before following the morning routine he was having $50 thousand of loan, his house was going to be taken by the bank and he was unhealthy and fat. But after using the miracle morning routine he paid all his loans and debts, cleared his house, doubled his income, and became fit and ran an ultra-marathon. And all this happened in 2-3 months of adapting the routine.

He became happy again.

Hal himself was very surprised and mesmerized with the change that happened in his life and this is the reason that he has given his book the name as “The Miracle Morning” (Buy from here: US India).

Hal formed an acronym for these habits and we are going to discuss the same in this post.

The 6 Habits that Will Transform Your Life: S.A.V.E.R.S.

S: Silence


Yes, silence.

The first thing that most of the people do in the morning is to start thinking about various things (useful or not useful). This is like kick-starting our brain after sleep and utilizing its full resources immediately.

We grab our mobile, read newspapers or watch TV immediately after waking up and this causes stress in our brain.

As per Hal, we should rather silent our brain. By silence, he means meditating, doing yoga or prayers. This clams your brain and prepares it for the day. By practicing silence, you will surely see that you are calm and composed throughout the day.

Many successful people follow this and the result is they perform with the same intensity and energy throughout the day.

A: Affirmation


Affirmation means being positive and optimistic. It means to repeat positive statements over and over again so that your subconscious mind accepts and processes it and puts your brain into action to turn the affirmative statement into a reality.

You can understand more about the subconscious mind and its power in this post: Where to start self-awareness?

When you reaffirm your positive statements daily, it starts to become reality through your subconscious mind.

For example, if you affirm daily that “I am a confident person”, it will start penetrating into your subconscious mind and soon you will start being confident in reality.

V: Visualization


This habit is similar to affirmation in some ways. In affirmation, you repeat a positive statement over and over again. In visualization you imagine yourself doing the desired task or accomplishing your desired goal.

Also, you feel the satisfaction and happiness that you will feel after the objective is met.

Your brain cannot differentiate between imagination and reality and thus your imagination helps your brain to put more efforts to complete the desire as it now knows what the reward will be.

We have a detailed separate post explaining whether and why the brain cannot differentiate between imagination and reality. We suggest you read the post Does our brain understand the difference between reality and imagination once for having more clarity on this.

E: Exercise


The next habit is exercise. You may have heard it a thousand times that doing exercise in the morning is one of the best habits and Hal to reaffirms it in his acronym.

Doing exercise in the morning has a lot of benefits, your body gets more oxygen, your brain releases endorphin, you feel better, your energy level is high during the day, and many more.

Also to experience these benefits it is not necessary that you hit the gym daily for one hour. Rather a simple 10-15 minutes home workout or yoga can also provide you some benefits and can improve your thinking and energy level by 10 times.

So exercise daily.

R: Reading


By reading it does not mean that you should read newspapers, novel, or something that is not improving your knowledge. Hal suggests reading books that help us to improve our knowledge about the world or improve our self-awareness.

Hal suggests reading self-improvement books, books that make your personality, and thinking more prosperous and clear.

Reading is promoted by many of the successful people because reading expands your knowledge in a way that nothing else can. Many successful people complete reading a book on a daily or weekly basis.

S: Scribing

Scribing means to write down your goals and objectives on a paper. Writing down your goals makes you channelize your energy with intension and in a proper manner.

Always keep a book (possibly a pocketbook, which is more portable) and a pen with you. Whenever you have thoughts or ideas that you think are worth to be written down, write it in the book. Don’t use mobile phones or apps to write these ideas or thoughts, use books.

You will notice that writing your ideas and goals will make you think about them and put your efforts into them. It creates a feeling or sense of mandate to work on them as you have written them down.

These are the six miraculous habits from Hal’s book.

Hal also suggests that these S.A.V.E.R.S. habits will be even more beneficial and fruitful if you perform them before 8 AM.

This is suggested by him in the title of the book itself “The Miracle Morning: The 6 Habits that Will Transform Your Life Before 8 AM” (Buy from here: US India)

Practice these S.A.V.E.R.S. habits in your life and you will see miracles happening in your life.

Hal further wrote multiple versions of “The Miracle Morning” book for different types of occupation and interest. Some examples are the miracle morning for real estate agents, the miracle morning for couples, the miracle morning for writes, etc.

The list of books by Hal Elrod is available here: US India

Please let us know which of the six miracle morning habits you already have and which you desire to acquire next.

Your comments will showcase your love and support to us and encourage us to write such posts further.

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