The most divine 10 letter word

The most divine 10 letter word

The tenth word in the list of 10 golden words is the most divine ten letter word – CONNECTION.

We as humans are social beings. We need connections with people to live our lives happily and prosperously.

We need love, success, trust, faith, friends, and family. All these and all other human needs are started from the connection.


This is the tenth word in our list of 10 golden rules of life and without this all the other nine words or rules of no use.

We need connections to build something beautiful. We need connections to feel something magical. We need connections to share something that is priceless.

What to do with the most divine ten letter word?



We should pursue connections. We should try to stay connected with people because people being experiences and knowledge.

We may earn millions of dollars but if we have no connection with anyone, all the money is worthless.

We should build emotional connections and experience the joys and sorrow that they bring along with them.

Many times we stop making a connections because of the fear of getting hurt and being in the bad state again.

But we don’t see the other possibility of finding a good connection and having it as a pleasure for a lifetime.

In life, we may encounter many bad connections but they teach us some lessons that were necessary for us to learn at that time.

Bad connections or bad experience because of some connections are not a sign that we cannot pursue good connections, it is a sign that we need to learn some lesson before we find some good connections in order to value and sustain that good connections.

Connections causes miracles.


For example, if you have a deep and eternal emotional connection with someone, you don’t have to tell them anything about your day or mood, just a look at your face will explain them everything. This is possible only because of the connection.

Also, it is scientifically proven that everything in this universe is connected with each other and the reasons for our existence is the connection that exists within ourselves.

If this connection is broken, there is no possibility of life or universe.

Tom Chi (Twitter Handle) has explained scientifically in his TEDx talks how everything is connected to everything:

Tom Chi’s explanation makes us realize that connection is everything and we all are connected in a way that is beyond our capability to understand.

We should pursue connection because it enables us to add more experiences and emotions in our life.

Being connected, knowing people, listening to their stories, telling your own stories creates a big community that we all as humans are part of.

Also making connections does not mean to make a connection in numbers, i.e., in quantity but making connection means to make a connection in quality.

We should make connections that is more reliable, loyal and trustworthy.

We may not find such type of connections instantly or more frequently, but once we find or create such a connection, we should value it and try to sustain it for as long as possible.

Connections are the reason that we all humans call us as a social being and through connection itself, we can grow as a human community.

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