Know your worth

What is your worth?

Are you worth achieving something or nothing?

Have you ever thought of what are your abilities, capabilities, and strengths?

And if yes, have you ever questioned yourself if you are at the right place based on your own worth analysis?

For me the answer is yes and that is the reason I am writing this post and running this blog.

When I thought of my worth I became aware that I am much more capable and I am currently underutilized and underestimating myself.

So I created this blog, started a business and also exploring certain other parameters of my life along with my job.

Yes, I get exhausted, tired and low but in the end, I feel good and satisfied because I am pushing myself and living to my worth.

But that’s my story. Let us get back to the post.

Why knowing our worth is so important?

Let me explain that to you through a story 

Know your worth:


A father before he died said to his son:

“This is a watch your grandfather gave and this is more than 200 years old, but before I give it to you go to the watch shop on the first street, and tell him I want to sell it, and see how much it is.”

The son went to the watch shop and then came back to his father, and said, “the watchmaker said he’ll pay 5 dollars because it’s old”.

The father said: “Go to the coffee shop”.

The son went to the coffee shop and then came back to his father, and said: “ The coffeemaker said he’ll pay $5”.

The father said: “Go to the museum and show that watch”.

The son went to the museum and then came back, and said to his father: “They offered me a million dollars for this piece”.

The father said: “I wanted to let you know that the right place values your value in the right way. Don’t put yourself in the wrong place and get angry if they don’t value you.
Who knows your value is who appreciates you, don’t stay in a place that doesn’t suit you”.

I hope this helps you to understand why knowing our own worth is so important.

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Because if we are aware of our own worth, then and only then, we will be able to judge and analyze if we are at the right place and doing the right things or not.

If you are worth doing great business but are currently working as an employee then are you at the right place and doing the right thing?

No, absolutely not.

But you never tried to know your own worth and thus never try to do something that you are worthy of doing exceptionally well.

How to know our own worth?

know your worth

Let me be very clear, there is no magic or key questions or answers that will help you understand your own worth.

It’s a continuous process and needs keen observation and analysis.

You have to be aware and observant about your actions and outcomes.

Then you need to analyze the same and try to find your strengths or worth through it.

You can challenge yourself for something and its results will determine your strength or weakness in that area.

Moreover, feedback from your close ones also important and should be taken sportingly as it adds more information to your own observations.

In the end all I would like to share is that do not just exist but live your life to its fullest.

Walk, run, make mistakes, do experiments, challenge yourself because life is lived once and live it best.

Find your own happiness, create your own joy, become your own light and last but not the least, know your worth.

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