You are original

There was a fruit stall in a town having a variety of fruits.

A plum, a sweet-tart fruit, once said, “Oh my dear lord, can you please make me an apple?”

God said, “Why?”

Plum said, “Because most of that guy buy Apple.”

God said, “Ok, your wish is granted.”

The plum became an apple.

The next day the guy came and brought a banana.

The apple turned plum said, “God, please make me a banana.”

So, the apple turned plum became banana.


The next day the guy came again and took the banana and had a bite and spit it out.

The guy said, “It doesn’t take anything like a banana.”

Then the banana turned plum requested god to turn him into Orange.

God granted the wish and the banana turned plum became an orange.

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The guy came the next day again and didn’t even look at orange.

The orange turned plum thought, if I would have stayed plum there would have been someone who would have liked plum and bought me.

We all are different.


Each and every one of us is unique and different from each other.

No one or no two people in this world are alike.

Even the identical twins who look alike are very much different from each other in behavior and habits.

So why do we wish to be like other people?

Why do we want to become like someone else and give away our uniqueness?

So that someone may like you?

So that you feel accepted and a part of a community?

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Why insult our own selves? Why insult our creator and tell him that this part of mine or this behavior of mine is faulty and you have made this incorrect in me.


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When you try to become someone else you lose everything.

Even if you change yourself but the core inside you never changes.

So even if a plum changes to an apple, or a banana or an orange or something else, its core that is its taste still remains the same.

So what use of a plum looking like an apple is?

Same way what use of you are looking or behaving like someone or something else that you are not?

If you are a plum remain a plum, if you are an orange remain an orange.

You were created to be orange, so why try to change and become something else?

Enjoy your uniqueness.


Enjoy being yourself.

Explore yourself, your likes, dislikes, your passion, your strengths, and your weaknesses.

Know yourself and follow or create your own path.

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Don’t follow the herd. Don’t follow people.

You are an original, so why try to become someone else’s photocopy?

You are original and original has value.

Why become a photocopy of someone else?

I want to talk like him/her, I want to dance like him/her, I want to be something like him/her.

But why?

If you can’t talk well, then talk less listen more, if you cannot dance then don’t dance do something else.

If you can’t do this then do that. Do something because there will always be something that you are good at and can do.

That characteristic that you admire others and wish to have it is his or her strength, not yours.

Why make a fool of yourself trying to do something that is not your strength and just to be like someone else.

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Identify your own strengths and weaknesses.

Build your own character because you are you.

We are all different. Each one of us is different and unique.

Don’t make this mistake of trying to be someone else or be like someone else.

Don’t follow anyone, and try to be like them.

Take inspiration from them but don’t imitate them.

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Because there and your character, circumstances, behavior everything is different and this difference is what makes you, you and them, them.

You are original and enjoy that.

Enjoy being yourself, cherish your uniqueness, and build your own character by exploring yourself.

Be yourself, be original.


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