What is stopping you?

If something is holding you back, read this post and I am sure you will have no more excuses that will stop you from moving ahead. A farmer had 3 donkeys and was taking them for sale to the market. On the way, he saw a river and thought of taking...

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mind vs heart

The mind VS the heart

This is the biggest and the toughest battle of everyone’s life. The battle between your heart vs mind. That everyone faces each day and no matter who loses or who wins, in the end, the consequences of the action that was performed or not...

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pause in everyday life

Pause in everyday life

We live a life of continuous run, without any pause. We run for work, we run from work, we are always in a hurry and we are always occupied with something. We don’t give time to heal or to rest or take a pause and relax for a while and...

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